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Jan 31, 2010 6:30pm EST
industries in america endorsing the bill, the steelworkers, ellen and -- aluminum workers, and others, we are trying to build a coalition that will be able to sustain the question of whether or not we're helping or hurting american industry. on the senate side, lindsay is leading the effort to get 68 votes over there. there'd doing a great job to accomplish that goal. we are looking forward to him as the leader completing legislation over there, and he and i have been talking all along towards final completion of legislation, but i do not think our goal is inconsistent. it is to affect -- protect the american economy, reduce the amount of pollution by 2% over the next 40 years or so, while backing out imported oil and protecting the health of our country. we agree on the larger goals. we can work of the details and accomplish all of it because it cannot happen if we do not have bipartisan support for the legislation, so i am looking forward to working with lindsay. >> are the pieces falling into place for energy legislation? >> i would like to acknowledge that collins is on a cap and its
Jan 10, 2010 9:30pm EST
of "the white house -- america's most famous home." and explore the history, art, and architecture of "the capitol," one of america's most symbolic structures. "american icons" -- a three- disc dvd set. it is $24.95 plus shipping and handling. order online at c- >> as negotiations continue on a compromise on health care, have lawmakers made progress? >> there is a stage right now where they are working out the small things. the house has been meeting pretty extensively over the forum -- over the phone with their entire caucus. top senators like max baucus and chris dodd and harry reid had been meeting on their own as well. they are still trying to figure out exactly what the biggest issues are and how they're going to begin to resolve them. this is step one of a several- stage negotiating process. i think they really are trying to get this done very quickly. what they're going to have to tell the caucuses in each house. >> have they said which version of the bill they are going to work with? >> the house is going to take up the senate bill perhaps an insert that -- and inse
Jan 10, 2010 6:30pm EST
party's contributions to the vitality and strength of america. i would never have had the opportunity to serve in the congress had i not had the support and backing of my political party in connecticut over these years. i appreciate the passionate party activists who have never, ever faltered in their support of my efforts. i want to say thank you to my family for their tolerance of yet another generation of our family in the political arena. i'm especially indebted to jackie for her fierce loyalty, unyielding commitment to fairness and her unlimited capacity of empathy to the needs of others. she has truly been my anchor in these stormy political waters. there's nothing more pathetic in my view who announces they're only leaving public life to spend more time with their family. the result of this announcement today i hope will create that opportunity. but it's not the reason for my decision. i'm a very late arrival to fatherhood as many of you know, and i'm told repeatedly by some of you here today that these young children of miney grole -- will grow up very fast system of while the
Jan 24, 2010 6:30pm EST
. as he came on out and seen how america was really feeling he came to the right. and he told everybody, he said he could be our president too, but he hasn't tried to be our president on the right. it just forced us through no matter how we felt and it's turned people off. because he told us - when he was running that he would run and help us and run in the middle but he hasn't. he turned all the way to the left. put special deals in and all those dollars in which he has no business doing. and he's down lot of stuff to harm our country stins since the day he walked. democrats shut their eyes and think e we can do what we want because we have the power. host: did you vote? who did you support. caller: obama. host: who did you vote in the election this year? guest: the guy that won. for people to get jobs back they shut their eyes to everything and said we got the power so we're going to push what we want. host: julie, what would you like to see them do? caller: well he don't have to stand up there every day and cuss the banks and talk about all the stuff that's - anybody that makes
Jan 11, 2010 12:30am EST
in north africa or responsible for drug-trafficking from south america through west africa into europe. what you have in that case is a demonstration of what kinney fault in this new environment where international networks cannot only adapt and the concerts to elaborate and work together. you have the drug that works out of south america tied to a rocky the groups in africa affecting security issues not just in that region but also in europe. you have the potential for disaster if you see the facilities of these groups and to work internationally. the nightmare scenario is some of these groups collectivizing for purposes of profit or radiology and use and struggle -- and use or smuggle a weapon of mass destruction. what we worried most about was al qaeda or other groups who expressed an interest in obtaining and using a weapon of mass destruction could get access to it through some of these unaffiliated networks where we know in the past, there has been devices smuggled through central asia. this is a world in which these networks and individuals can relate to very easily and very eff
Jan 3, 2010 6:30pm EST
with iran. host: our guest is flynt leverett. you can log on-line for more information at new america dot  net. a link available to c-span dot o'n org. texas call. caller: good morning. i got four sons. and three different universities and one in junior college. if i had a professional i would pull them out. they walk around like a sack over their head like nothing going to happen to this country. that's like having a bandit outside your house and opening the door. i don't know why everyone is so against israel. the only way is to get independent on oil in our own country that will hurt those countries. that's all i got to say. guest: um... you know, i don't consider myself antiisraeli. i don't think i've said anything this morning that can be construed as antiisraeli in any way. i understand certainly you're not the first person to suggest that the united states could be energy independent that we could basically extra kate from dealing with the problems in the middle east but i think frankly energy independence is an illusion or myth. we can't do it. so, i think, you know we're going
Jan 18, 2010 12:30am EST
military. we of voluntary military in the united states of america, and as governor of illinois, i am commander in chief of large national guard. as you may know, our national guard was deployed this year to afghanistan, the largest deployment since world war ii of the illinois national guard, and it was a very perilous assignment. i went to fort bragg, north carolina to watch their training and saw how arduous it was. we took horrific losses in afghanistan, 18 killed in action, 39 critically wounded. these are the best of the best, and i do want to knowledge the leader of our national guard in afghanistan who is with us here today, and he is a man that i think very highly of. it is brigadier general steven huber, deputy commander of the military army national guard. he served in our state as the commander of the combined joint taskforce phoenix, an illinois national guard-led taskforce, comprised of thousands of troops including more than 3000 from the state of illinois. general huber, i met general huber in kabul, afghanistan, and i saw his leadership and i saw the leadership up --
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7